Eat Clean
Your Body

14 Day Program

Are you ready to...

✓ Reboot your metabolism to kickstart your weight loss
✓ Discover the foods that are depleting you and those that nourish
✓ Drop weight naturally and quickly without deprivation or restriction
✓ Shed toxins that are causing your body harm & unwanted weight gain
✓ Understand the importance of having your head in the right place
✓ Feel healthier, happier and amazing with glowing skin and endless energy ?


Sometimes you need a mini makeover on your insides so you can...

Finally say goodbye to your dreaded bloat and excess and say hello to a happier, flatter stomach in 14 simple days.

Rediscover your energy levels with delicious whole foods that boost your metabolism. Eat Clean Reset.

Wave goodbye to toxins that are causing unwanted weight and keeping you feeling miserable. You may not even know these foods are causing you grief!

Feel more in control, happier, healthier so you can slip into that outfit, smile at yourself in the mirror and walk out the door with the confidence you deserve!

In this Eat Clean Reset Your Body Program you'll discover how to:
  • Drop an average of 1-2 kgs/3-5 lbs - naturally!
  • Feel lighter with loads more energy!
  • Kick sugar cravings and enjoy nature's treats!
  • Sleep soundly - no more dark circles .
  • Decrease inflammation.
  • Feel amazing in the buff!
  • Get ready to look and feel amazing!

All of this is possible WITHOUT dieting and deprivation.

Hello Amazing One! My name is Caroline Silk, Your Mindset Nutritionist and certified health coach. 

I created this program because there are times in your life when your body needs a swift kick in the butt so to speak and you'd like someone to hand everything you need to do done for you!

A quick yet complete overhaul - let's call it a makeover for your insides!

So often, we eat foods that we think are healthy because the label misleads us, because the magazines say so, the diet books or spare me, the diet gurus! Many of these foods are actually doing you harm, disrupting your metabolism, causing uncomfortable bloating while you're attempting to squeeze into that dress and even inflammation that can actually be painful.

Time to change and take your back control?

Why don't you invest in your body and buy now!

What makes this program different? 

First, it’s not a diet, your head wont automatically go into a"deprivation' mindset. Instead, it’s all about listening to your body. Your mindset is so important and it too will receive a mini makeover!

Second, this detox is based on elimination, so you’re working with a proven, three-prong approach used by functional medicine doctors and world-class nutrition experts. I’ve just broken it down for you so that doing the elimination is simple ad easy! Who doesn't like simplicity?

Third, there are no pills, powders, or shakes as part of this program. That means you don’t have to buy any fancy supplements to make it work. You can find everything you need in your local grocery, supermarket or health food store.

So what's included in this detox?

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about detoxing physically, mentally, and emotionally so you can kick booty during this detox!

Recipe Guide: This guide is packed with over 50+ mouthwatering recipes that will leave your belly full and your taste buds satisfied!

Daily Email Support: I’ll be popping into your inbox on a daily basis to provide support and accountability to help keep you on track.

Suggested Meals: This guide takes the guesswork out of what to eat by mapping out a full 14 days’ worth of meals for you.

Day-to-Day At a Glance Guide: This day-by-day overview of your program makes it easy to know what you’re doing each day with just a glance!

A Shopping List : This list will make your shopping trips super simple, which means an easier, breezier detox for you.

Food Diary and Transition Guide: This amazing tool will help you monitor how you’re feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally during the program.

Bonus: Cheat sheet on how to avoid toxins in your everyday life.

Thanxs Caroline - had my first coffee this am after lovely walk and dip in bay ~ definately. didn't want a second one and having some bubbles tonight but can't believe I have gone this long without my standard 1/2 loaf of bread daily ..I am utterly amazed !
MaryMelbourne Australia
I actually really enjoyed the cleanse and I have definitely changed a few key problem areas I have had. No more bloat! So thank you for sharing your knowledge about clean eating. The family are doing it too and don’t even know it! I have dropped 3kg in the 2 weeks.
CateMelbourne Australia

Your investment in you and your body is only $197  $99

Congratulations to you too! Fabulous mentor! Feeling pretty happy we did the Eat Clean Reset program together. The detox was a great challenge for me ! I'm certainly no angel when it comes to food & drink but I'm doing things a bit better now...
CarolynMelbourne Australia
Joined Caroline’s recent 14 day Detox and Reset program and it was life changing. I lost 3kgs over the 14 days and have continued to lose another 1kg in the 3 weeks since. This was not an exercise in starvation but a guided tour of healthy, balanced, tasty food with delicious recipes, shopping lists and careful monitoring of my body reactions to different food groups.
LoulouMelbourne Australia
I know this program is perfect for you if…

You’re ready to ditch the diet and figure out what ACTUALLY works for you

● You’re ready to kiss the belly bloat that’s been lingering for too long
● You want more energy so you can enjoy your day without that afternoon slump
● You want to look and feel younger without the constant caffeine
● You want to jumpstart your metabolism and enjoy weightloss without deprivation
● You want to balance your blood sugar and kick cravings to the curb
● You’re busy and want quick, easy tools & recipes that work without causing more overwhelm in your life.

Sound like you?? 

Be your own womder women

So why not now? Your investment in you and your body is only $197  $99

Yes I know my body needs a reset now!
You have the option to do 7, 14 or 21 days.

The choice is yours, but I know to get results you need to choose the 14 or 21!

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I’m Your Mindset Nutritionist and I can’t stand fad diets or quick fixes! I believe that weight loss isn’t about calories in versus calories out or reducing your food intake so much that not only are you hungry all the time, but you can’t stop thinking about food!

I know diets don’t work! I also know I can tell you what to eat and how much to move your body but if your head isn’t in the right place, we’re not going to get the results you truly desire.

Releasing your weight is about the whole of you – your mind and your body. The way you think and how you feel plays an integral role in your relationship with food.

My mission is to educate and empower you so you have all the tools needed to finally shed that unwanted weight easily and effortlessly allowing food to be your friend and not your enemy.
Caroline Silk